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In this category, you will find interesting stories from all around the state of Arizona. Most of the stories will center more in the area of Gila County but you will also find information about events that happened all over the state.


The Territorial Years – Part 2

  The Move Toward Statehood In 1910 Congress passed legislation enabling a constitutional convention for Arizona. The constitution created by the 41 Democratic and 11 Republican delegates called for: legislators of both houses to be elected every 2 years to serve a 2-year term low pay for the Governor popular elections of judges all officials, […]

Tom Horne

A Short History of Tom Horne 1861 – 1903

Tom Horne was born in Scotland, Missouri in 1861.  At the age of 14 he ran way from home and headed west. He is described as being broad shouldered, over 6′ tall, with a lean and muscular frame, generally handsome but having a prominent nose and small penetrating eyes.  Some said that he could “stare […]

General Crook

General Crook and His Trail

General Crook assumed command of the military district of Arizona early in 1871.  His experience had convinced him that well outfitted units able to move quickly were important in Indian campaigns.  He needed a supply road in order to connect the remote Fort Verde and more remote Fort Apache with the main supply base at […]