General George Crook in Arizona Part 1

General George Crook

George Crook was born on September 8, 1828 near Taylorsville, Ohio.  He graduated from West Point in 1852 and was assigned to fight Indians in the Pacific Northwest.  Crook rose steadily in rank.  He was sent East to fight in the Civil War where he commanded an Ohio Volunteer Regiment, eventually reaching the rank of…

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General Crook and His Trail

General Crook

General Crook assumed command of the military district of Arizona early in 1871.  His experience had convinced him that well outfitted units able to move quickly were important in Indian campaigns.  He needed a supply road in order to connect the remote Fort Verde and more remote Fort Apache with the main supply base at…

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The Rodeo Searched for a Home – Part 2

Junction of Highways 260 and 87 In 1945 the national organization of cowboys had become the Rodeo Cowboys Association.  That year the Wilbanks family offered to sell the rodeo grounds to the Payson Chamber of Commerce for $2,500.  The offer was turned down, and the land became a subdivision called Rodeo Ranch Estates.  Desperate for…

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The Rodeo Searched for a Home – Part 1

They called it the August Doin’s and for the first 74 years it was held in several different locations. Pieper’s Field Beginning in 1884 the event was held in Pieper’s field, where the sawmill would one day stand, and in more recent years where the Sawmill Crossing is located. Main Street However, before the turn…

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