We are excited to be a part of Payson’s ADVENTURE WHERE WE LIVE program. Download the app at for information and directions to more that 60 attractons and events in the Payson/Rim Country. You’ll have the opportunity to collect points when visiting participating attractions and merchants. Collecting points earns the chance to win one […]

Deming Pioneer Park

Deming Pioneer Park Re-Opening

The Northern Gila County Historical Society, Inc. (NGCHS) and Payson Parks & Recreation would like to announce the grand “reopening” of Deming Pioneer Park, located at the corner of Main St. and McLane (the Boardman’s façade).  The small park was originally dedicated in 2004 to honor Rim Country pioneers.  There are 22 display windows in […]



Representatives from Rim Country Museum recently returned from the Spring Gift Show in Phoenix. Here they are working hard to select items we know you will like! Stop by the best gift shop in Payson.  Or – order online! You will be delighted – and probably surprised – at the wide selection – of merchandise […]

Zane Grey

A Zane Grey Q & A with Lita Nicholson

When was Zane Grey born? He was born on January 31, 1872,  in Zanesville, Ohio.  His name was originally Pearl Zane Gray.  He changed it to Zane Grey after he wrote his first western novel. Was he married? Yes.  He married Lina Roth in 1905.  He always called her Dolly and she called him Doc.  […]


Zane Grey Armed Services Editions Now on Display

There is a new item on display in the Zane Grey Cabin.  It represents an era that many feel was responsible for bringing back the popularity of Grey’s books.  On a table that displays the books he wrote using the Rim Country as the setting, sits a small pocket-sized paper-covered copy of the Armed Services […]

Zane Grey

Zane Grey: Our Area’s Most Famous Resident

In his writings, Zane Grey was rather straightforward.  As the reader, you normally could expect that his main character would be a man running from a negative past.  Before you finished the book, the reasonably dashing man would have righted a few wrongs, stolen the heart of a girl that suffered great anguish and eventually […]

Tom Horne

A Short History of Tom Horne 1861 – 1903

Tom Horne was born in Scotland, Missouri in 1861.  At the age of 14 he ran way from home and headed west. He is described as being broad shouldered, over 6′ tall, with a lean and muscular frame, generally handsome but having a prominent nose and small penetrating eyes.  Some said that he could “stare […]


Isadore Christopher and “the hog log”

Isadore Christopher was a French cartographer, army scout and explorer who first settled Christopher Creek, Arizona in the 1880’s.  His first attempt to procure a mail order bride failed as the lady took one look at Isadore and his surroundings and immediately headed back East.  The second attempt was a success and Mary Hope stayed […]


A Highway Comes To Payson

Eager eyes were cast increasingly upon Payson, AZ. and the Rim Country from the Phoenix metropolitan area as desert dwellers longed for an easier road over the Mazatzal Mountains.  The Northern Gila Country Chamber of Commerce was equally eager to receive tourists from the Valley.  With pressure from both sides of the mountain, a new […]

payson dew

Prohibition and “Payson Dew”

On January 17, 1920, the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect.  “The manufacture, sale or transportation of intoxicating liquors…” was banned in Arizona in 1915 – 5 years prior to the national moratorium.  As a result Arizona was the 13th individual state to go “dry” before prohibition became the law of the […]