A Cultural History of The Pioneer Women of Gila County, Arizona and Their Descendants Volume 1




By the Daughters of the Gila County Pioneers.  Copyright 2002 Daughters of the Gila County Pioneers.  Published by Git A Rope! Publishing, Payson, AZ.  Paperback.  189 pages.

See also Volume 2 and Volume 3.

The Daughters of the Gila County Pioneers was founded by a small group of women in Payson, Arizona in 1986 for the purpose of preserving the history and heritage of the pioneers who settled in Gila County, Arizona prior to statehood, February 14, 1912.  One hundred fifty women who now represent the Daughters, have written and compiled these stories and donated photographs so the past will be remembered.  They are direct descendants of the pioneer women who settled what is now Gila County, Arizona.  With this unique heritage in mind, they have tried to accurately record the past and distinguish the vital role pioneer women played in settling America’s Southwest.  This book also contains stories of the daughters and granddaughters of these pioneer women.  Born in the twentieth century, these younger women have had easier lives in some ways, yet more difficult in others.  Most of them hold on to and revere the traditions of yesteryear.  Jayne Peace and Dorothy Lovelady Pyle.

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