Arizona Outlaws and Lawmen: Gunslingers, bandits, heroes and peacekeepers


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By Marshall Trimble.  Copyright 2015 by Marshall Trimble.  Published by The History Press, Charleston, SC 29403.  Paperback; 129 pages.



  1.  Buckey O’Neill and the Train Robbers
  2. Jim Riberts:  The Pleasant Valley War’s Top Gun
  3. The Vanishing Train Robbers
  4. Commodore Perry Owens:  Bringing Law and Order to Apache County
  5. Climax Jim:  Arizona’s Lady Gidova
  6. Texas John Slaughter
  7. George Ruffner:  Sheriff of Old Yavapai
  8. Burt Mossman:  Captain of the Arizona Rangers
  9. Pearl Hart:  The Girl Bandit
  10. Hucksters, Hustlers, Swindlers and Bamboozlers
  11. Bad Boys of Cochise County



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