Cooking for Zane Grey-Under the Tonto Rim




Copyright 2005 by Jayne Peace Pyle.  Published by Git A Rope! Publishing, Inc. Spiral bound paperback.  164 pages.

Jayne Peace Pyle.  Jayne grew up on a cattle ranch in Gisela, AZ and is a fifth-generation descendant of Gila County pioneer families.  She and her husband, Jinx, are recipients of the 2005 Arizona Culture Keeper Awards.  In addition to the recipes, Jayne includes comments on pioneer families and the ways that they survived in a difficult environment.

From Jayne:  The idea for this book was born with the knowledge that a replica of Zane Grey’s cabin would be built in Payson and dedicated in October of 2005.  Many have written about Zane Grey, but I wanted to compile some history and genealogy on the settlers who knew Zane Grey and hunted and worked with him Under the Tonto Rim.  I selected food, a cultural product, as the primary stimulus to further explore the practices and history of these early pioneer people.


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