Don’t Let the Sun Step Over You – A White Mountain Apache Family Life




By Eva Tulene Watt with assistance from Keith H. Basso.  Copyright 2004 by The Arizona Board of Regents.  Paperback.  290 pages.

Born in 1913, Eva Tulene Watt shares the story of her family from the time of the Apache wars to the modern era.  Richly illustrated with more than 50 photographs, Don’t Let the Sun Step Over You is a rare and remarkable book that affords a view of the past that few have seen before – a wholly Apache view, unsettling yet uplifting, which weighs upon the mind and educates the heart.  A recipient of the Arizona Indian Living Treasure Award, Eva Tulene Watt lives with her son’s family near Hon-Dah on the Fort Apache Reservation in Arizona.  Keith Basso, whom Eva Watt invited to record her narrative, is University Regents Professor of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico and a leading expert on Apache culture, language, and history.

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