History of Gisela, Arizona




Revised Edition.  By Jayne Peace.  Copyright 2003 by Jayne Peace and Shawn Haught.  Published by Git A Rope! Publishing, Inc., Payson, AZ.  Paperback.  137 pages.

The Old West is part of the heritage of America.  Gisela, Arizona, on the banks of Tonto Creek, is a small vestige of that part of our Old West.  Although small in area and population, it has made a vital contribution to Gila County and Arizona.  After the end of the Civil War in 1865, settlers came to make a new home for themselves in peaceable existence, but their lives became involved in some of the most reckless and bloody experiences in the annals of Arizona.  The “Planting of the Colonies” program by Mormon Church President Brigham Young sent families into Gila County to look for places that no one else would have so they, too, would be left in peace, but they had to leave their homes and irrigated fields after ten years.

In this revised and expanded version of the History of Gisela, Arizona, Jayne Peace has added newly discovered photographs and information about Gisela’s pioneering families who are linked to many other families.  More genealogies, place names, a map of the Tonto Basin, and an index of more than 2,000 names has preserved even more of Gisela’s history.

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