Last of the Plainsmen




The Last of the Plainsmen – Adventures with Charles Jesse “Buffalo” Jones by Zane Grey.  Originally published 1908.  Paperback; 234 pages.  Copyright 2021 by Rim Country Museum Press.

There is no frontier today in the sense that our fathers understood the term, and the picturesque frontiersman of a general ago has gone with the buffalo on the “Long Trail.”  One of the old guard, however, still remains, Buffalo Jones, a strange character, whose name is in many homes a household word.  Doctor Grey made an extended trip with the old under recently, through the Arizona desert in pursuit of mountain lions and other large game.  He has written partly a study of the unique personality of the preserver of the American Bison, as Buffalo Jones is called, and partly a record of some episodes in his early life.  It is a fascinating book, full of adventure, and the love of outdoor life.  (1908)

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