Mountain Cowboys: A Contribution to the History of Arizona’s Rim Country




By Jinx Pyle.  Copyright 2004, 2010 by Jinx Pyle.  Published by Git A Rope! Publishing, Payson, AZ.  Paperback.  137 pages.

Mountain Cowboys is a unique and important contribution to the history of the Mogollon Rim Country because the Pyle family left “big tracks” in this part of the state.  Four generations of Pyles – Elwood, Floyd, Gene, and Jinx – have hunted the Mountain for lion and bear to protect their cattle which ranged from Starr Valley to Clear Creek, north of the Rim.  Jinx Pyle grew up in this culture and has hunted and cowboyed with the best.  Thus, he is a man who knows first-hand of what he writes.  Jinx captures not only the history, but the logic, irony, guts, lore, and humor of the Pyle Family and other cowboys and hunters who rode the Mountain Country.  He has heard the stories that came before him and has seen the land through the eyes of his grandfathers.  More importantly, he has lived the life.  (Jayne Peace)

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