Pioneer Hunters of the Rim




By Myrtle Branstetter.  Published 1976; second printing by Jerry E. Sanders, 2000.  Paperback.

Myrtle Branstetter, born Myrtle Haught, is a living library of history of central Arizona.  At the time of her birth her parents were fighting the elements of the frontier Rim Country of Arizona to build a home for Myrtle and her brothers and sisters.  When the first school houses, cattle ranches, sawmills, sorghum mills, and settlements were being built under the Tonto Rim she was there as part of this development.  When Zane Grey was recording the romantic history of early Arizona, Myrtle Haught was a living part of the events of the day.  This book is a record of part of the memories of her life and the life of her family.  84 pages

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