Pleasant Valley War




By Jinx Pyle.  Copyright 2009 by Jinx Pyle.  Published by Git A Rope! Publishing, Payson, AZ  Paperback.  155 pages.

See also Women of the Pleasant Valley War by Jayne Peace Pyle.

The Pleasant Valley War was also known as the Graham-Tewksbury Feud and the worst of it was fought in the northern part of what became Gila County, Arizona.  During the 1880’s, the entire north-central Arizona Territory was under lead and smoke confrontation between the sheep raisers and the cowmen, the Hashknife Outfit and the homesteaders, the horse thieves and the Mormons, the cinch-ring artists and the ranchers.  To add a little fuel to the fire, a few bronco Apaches could be counted on to keep everyone on their toes.  Men rode with their rifles in hand and in town the tie-down loops were clear on the tops of the six-gun hammers.  To this point, the law had been little more than a minor faction in a civic train wreck.

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