Strawberry Finds a Home




By Beverly A. Bear; Illustrations by Katie Clark.  Copyright 2015 by Beverly A. Bear.  Hardback; 31 pages.  Autographed copy.

Based in northern Arizona, Strawberry’s story is based on a real event.  In the summer of 2002, a tiny white-tailed fawn was carried unharmed out of the forest in northern Arizona by a sheepdog-retriever named Winston.  Winston’s owner heard the fawn’s cries and demanded that his dog lay her down.  Afraid of what his second dog, Moose, might do, Jim took the fawn to his neighbors.  They fed the tiny fawn and contacted a park forest ranger and animal rehabilitator from the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park who rescued the baby from dehydration and hunger.  This is Strawberry’s story.

Appropriate for grades 4/5.

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