The Amazing Kolb Brothers of Grand Canyon




by Roger Naylor.  Copyright 2017 Grand Canyon Association.  Paperback; 153 pages.


The Kolb brothers were rock-climbing, ledge-hopping, mule-chasing, river-running canyoneers.  They were rash, nervy, and utterly fearless.  Ellsworth and Emery Kolb were daredevil adventurers drawn to the earth’s most glorious wound.  When they landed at the edge of the Grand Canyon, they knew they were home.  The boys were equal parts artist and athlete, a dizzying combination that pushed them toward increasingly creative ways to risk their necks.  The Kolbs dangled from ropes, clung to sheer cliff walls by their fingertips, climbed virtually inaccessible summits, ran seemingly impassable white-water rapids, braved the elements, and ventured into unknown wilderness-all for the sake of a photo.  Well, a photo and a thrill.  Sometimes it was hard to tell which was more important.

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