The Singing River




By Stanley C. Brown; copyright 2015; Paperback.  294 pages.  Sequel to The Immigrant.

Guiseppe Bellini, his wife Ana Maria, and their one-year-old son, Juan, leave Tucson, Arizona Territory in 1861 to escape the lawless atmosphere of that frontier town.  They travel to the central mountains of Arizona to take up their lives among the Tonto Apache people.  This is a sequel to Stan Brown’s previous book, “The Immigrant,” in which Seppe, as Guiseppe is called, saved the life of the Tonto’s head man, Del-che-ae.  In turn the chief invited them to live among the Apaches in a beautiful river canyon under the Mogollon Rim.  Unknown to the Bellini Family, Arizona was on the threshold of a bloody war in which the white settlers vowed to eliminate all Indians from the territory.  This gripping and historically accurate story tells how a frontier family sought to bridge the cultural gap between Native Americans and Euro-Americans as they became swept up in the saga of Arizona’s early years.  It is a story of faith and hope and love, lived between the families of two irreconcilable cultures.



Chapter 1     Woolsey’s Raiders Summer 1864

Chapter 2     Friends And Enemies, Early August 1864

Chapter 3     The Dream Fulfilled, Late August 1864

Chapter 4     A Surprise Visit, September 1864

Chapter 5     Del-Che-Ae’s Stronghold, 1865

Chapter 6     The Month of Big Harvest, September 1866

Chapter 7     The Camp of Deather, October 1866

Chapter 8     Being Made the Fool, Late October 1866

Chapter 9     A Child is Born, November 1866

Chapter 10    The Road to Reno, 1867

Chapter 11    The Declaration of War, Winter 1868

Chapter 12    Growing Threats, April 1868

Chapter 13    Gifts of the Elk, June to november 1868

Chapter 14    Another Grave in Paradise, December 1868 to December 1869

Chapter 15    Hostilities Escalate, 1870

Chapter 16   The Army Comes Very Close, Autumn 1871

Chapter 17    Welcomes and Farewells, Winter 1871-1872

Chapter 18    Mountain Top Experiences, March – July 1873

Chapter 19    The Awful News, August 1873 – August 1874

Chapter 20    Changing Times, September 1874 to February 1875

Chapter 21    The Long March, March 1875

Addendum Epilogue

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