Tonto Lingo




By Jinx Pyle.  Copyright 2010 by Jinx Pyle.  Published by Git A Rope! Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 35, Payson, AZ 85547.  Paperback.  143 pages.

A footbacker might say, That horse bucked Shorty off in a cactus patch.  The same yarn spun by a Mountain Cowboy would paint a picture so vividly you could see it:  That old cayuse gave a wiggle like his skirt was tight and erupted like a diamondback on a red-ant den.  He did a belly roll and made nine tracks on the moon afore he launched Shorty forked-end-up into a cholla-garden a lizard couldn’t navigate his way through.  Herein you’ll find a little history and stories of the old Tonto Cowboys, written in their own lingo.

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