Women of the Pleasant Valley War




By Jayne Peace Pyle. Copyright 2014 by Jayne Peace Pyle.  Published by Git A Rope! Publishing, Payson, AZ.  Paperback.  177 pages.

See also Pleasant Valley War by Jinx Pyle.

Women of the Pleasant Valley War provides a rare look at the women’s lives during one of the bloodiest feuds in American history.  Previously, the history written about this war focused on the men who fought it.  The women’s stories have barely been mentioned.  One hundred and thirty years after the first shots were fired in Pleasant Valley, Arizona Territory, and with limited resources, Jayne Peace Pyle has painted a picture of the lives the women endured.  Hardships were many.  Friends were few.  The fear and isolation were devastating.  The overall effect of the war bore a high price.  Very little writing was left by the women, so Pyle used legal records, family histories, and the history of the war itself, to tell the women’s stories.  Not an easy task.  The women – their hopes, fears and courage in the face of adversity are now preserved in history.

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