Tonto Apaches Long Journey Home – Part 3

The Struggle For a Home Continues The primary stumbling block to land acquisition for the Tonto Apaches was the Secretary of Interior’s recommendation to deny tribal status.  His suggestion was to refuse any government services and to prohibit calling acquired land a reservation. In the eyes of the Secretary of the Interior, the Apaches in…

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Tonto Apaches Long Journey Home – Part 2

Photo courtesy Roger Buchanan

Struggle for Recognition and a Reservation Tonto Apaches living at The Camp received none of the government assistance provided to other Indians in Arizona.  They were not recognized as a tribe, therefore,  they were not entitled to reservation land.  There were many bureaucratic hurdles to overcome to obtain land for the Tontos.  Some help came…

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Tonto Apaches Long Journey Home – Part 1

Tonto Apaches Return to Rim Country During the 1890’s and early 1900’s, after confinement at the Camp Verde and San Carlos reservations, the Tonto Apaches returned to Rim Country.  They discovered former campsites and garden areas taken over by whites.  Having no legal claim to their former lands, they moved on to new areas at…

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