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In this category you will find stories about the books that made Zane Grey one of the most famous authors of his time. If you want to learn more visit the replica Zane Grey Cabin at the Rim Country Museum in Payson, AZ.


Zane Grey Armed Services Editions Now on Display

There is a new item on display in the Zane Grey Cabin.  It represents an era that many feel was responsible for bringing back the popularity of Grey’s books.  On a table that displays the books he wrote using the Rim Country as the setting, sits a small pocket-sized paper-covered copy of the Armed Services […]

Betty Zane

Who Was Betty Zane?

One winter living in a bitter cold NY apartment, fingers freezing from lack of heat, head buzzing from the noise of nearby trains, Zane Grey wrote about a woman named Betty Zane.  These were the days before the young dentist knew he would become the author of hunting books, baseball books, fishing books, and books […]